Saturday, March 26, 2016

confinement housing

Confinement housing is one of the most controversial topics in the swine industry. Even though putting pigs in a building with concert slatted floors sounds bad. However, these houses are not as bad as they sound. These Confinement houses are actually the best fitted environment for a market pig. Confinement housing allows pigs to have all the feed and clean water needed and they do not have to very far at all. These houses also give a nice climate controlled barn to sleep in. These barns are the perfect place for fat hogs to grow and be healthy. Health is probably the biggest reason we raise hogs in confinement. In the barn made up of many pens it is a lot easier to manage the health of the pigs. Imagine trying to monitor the health of over 5,000 head of market hogs on a 300 acer farm compared to a large barn filled with pens. It would be impossible to do that without confinement housing.

Friday, March 18, 2016

artificial insemination

Artificial insemination or AI is a artificial form of breeding stock. The reason we AI instead of naturally breeding pigs is because sometimes keeping a boar around is a challenge. Boars are mean animals that and very big and hard to keep contained in a pen. Another reason is with AI you can add in different genetics without spending money on a new pig you can just buy seamen. The way the AI process works is like such. When a gilt or sow is in standing heat you would apply back presser to stimulate the breeding process. once you do that you insert the AI straw at a upward motion then flatten it out. you push it in till it reaches the cervix. You then take the cap off of seamen bottle and put it in the seamen straw. Once to put it in the straw just squeeze all the seamen in and take it out genitally. then light two cigarettes and give one to the pig, then smoke the other.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Story Time

Living on a hog farm I have had many funny things happen to me. For instance once while castrating pigs we had our new foreign exchange student Christian come down to the barn and help us. When castrating I set in a chair and hold the young pig on its back between my legs and I hold the pigs legs still with my hands while my dad dose the castration. Well you want to be as fast as possible so it dose not overly stress the pig. Once my dad makes the first incision and pulls the testicle out he needs to get ride of it so he can get to the next one. You can not just let the testicle drop into the pen because other pigs in the pen might get it. So dad just tosses it out of the pen into the alley way then we go through and pick them all up afterwards. Sometimes however the testicles stick to the side of the wall. Well we were doing the very first pig and Christian was watching, dad cut out the testicle and gave it a toss. It stuck to the wall and I looked up at Christians face to see his reaction and he was dumb founded, jaw dropped eyes wide open in awh. I just could not help but laugh. And that is how we scared him for life.

Friday, March 4, 2016

feeding show hogs

So you already know that there are barrows and gilts. Well when feeding them you water to achieved different goals for each. When feeding gilts you want them to be powerful but also have a good amount of condition. When feeding barrows we want them to have a lot of muscle. When feeding gilts you usually give them a feed with low protein. You also use additives like fat to get the cover you want. When feeding a barrow you feed them a higher protein feed. With paylean in it to add muscle. If you follow these simple things when feeding show pigs you should be okay.