Friday, March 18, 2016

artificial insemination

Artificial insemination or AI is a artificial form of breeding stock. The reason we AI instead of naturally breeding pigs is because sometimes keeping a boar around is a challenge. Boars are mean animals that and very big and hard to keep contained in a pen. Another reason is with AI you can add in different genetics without spending money on a new pig you can just buy seamen. The way the AI process works is like such. When a gilt or sow is in standing heat you would apply back presser to stimulate the breeding process. once you do that you insert the AI straw at a upward motion then flatten it out. you push it in till it reaches the cervix. You then take the cap off of seamen bottle and put it in the seamen straw. Once to put it in the straw just squeeze all the seamen in and take it out genitally. then light two cigarettes and give one to the pig, then smoke the other.

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