Saturday, March 26, 2016

confinement housing

Confinement housing is one of the most controversial topics in the swine industry. Even though putting pigs in a building with concert slatted floors sounds bad. However, these houses are not as bad as they sound. These Confinement houses are actually the best fitted environment for a market pig. Confinement housing allows pigs to have all the feed and clean water needed and they do not have to very far at all. These houses also give a nice climate controlled barn to sleep in. These barns are the perfect place for fat hogs to grow and be healthy. Health is probably the biggest reason we raise hogs in confinement. In the barn made up of many pens it is a lot easier to manage the health of the pigs. Imagine trying to monitor the health of over 5,000 head of market hogs on a 300 acer farm compared to a large barn filled with pens. It would be impossible to do that without confinement housing.

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