Wednesday, April 6, 2016

krody this is starting to get hard

So it's beginning to be an issue writing a blog about something different every week. I'm just going to tell you more stories. So once apon a time (about a month or two) on a hog farm near by there was a handsome, young, muscular boy working extremely hard to make his show hogs known. It was time to process litters on the farm and the handsome, young, muscular boy asked his beautiful, young girlfriend. The beautiful, young girlfriend agreed to help the handsome, young, muscular boy after a little convincing. the two of them get to the farrowing house and begin getting things ready to process the litters. The beautiful, young girlfriend begins asking question and the handsome, young, muscular boy answers her truthfully because he is a honest young boy. She asks all about pigs and questions everything they are doing while the boy happily answers her, and explains everything. As the two were processing the litters the girl which was holding the pigs began getting blood, poop, pee, and wound spray all over her. The pigs even left bruises all over her. All in all I believe the beautiful, young girlfriend had fun even tho she looked like she had be brutally murdering people for the last hour and a half. The End, they lived happily ever after. Well up to this point at least.

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