Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The edge of the earth

Everyone is familiar with the idea of falling right off the edge of the earth. Including pigs, When training pigs how to walk or be shown the pigs are often time scared. They are scared of everything from a small bucket in there path to where the gravel turns to grass. Now why would a pig be sacred of such a harmless things. The answer is simple, its all new to them. Think about it, if I am taking a pig out in to the yard for the very first time they are probably going to see things they have never seen before. This is because they have been in a pen all there life. Often times after the pigs get used to the outdoors and do not act like the grass is then edge of the earth they will take off running as soon as I open the pen. This is because they start to feel comfortable with there soundings. Unlike before when they were being introduced to things for the very first time. It is just like teaching little kids things, they are scared at first and do not want to go out of there comfort zone. however, once they get out of there comfort zone they usually enjoy it just like a pig enjoys being walked.

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