Friday, April 15, 2016

The influence of livestock on kids.

The influence of livestock on children is extremely beneficial. Growing up on a hog farm I have learned so many life lessens. The main thing I've learned was responsibility. On the farm i have had the responsibility of taking care of my own showpigs since a young age. I feed, and walk pigs in the morning and evening, wash or rinse pigs, and clean pens daily. My parents even left me with the responsibility of the whole entire farm for a week while they were in Hawaii. The farm has also taught me valuable lessons with work ethics. When you go to do a job on the farm you do it to your best ability or you are going to have to do it again. I have to work long hours and I know that there is no getting out of it, eventually you just get uses to it. With livestock not doing something is not an option. If you do not take care of the livestock the livestock die.

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