Friday, January 22, 2016

Entering your pigs

So you already know how the order of the pig show go's. Well I didn't add a couple of things. When you first show up at the show and you unload all your tack and pigs you have to weigh and enter the pigs into the show. This is how we put the pigs into the classes I was talking about last week. The pigs are weighed if needed or you just take the purebreds registration papers up to the registration desk with your money. From there you enter the pigs that need are shown by weight then you enter your purebreds by the age and bred. Each breed has a different paper for there breed, and on that paper it tells you who there mother and father are as well as there age and other things. Theres two main groups that register purebred pigs. The four main breeds are grouped together in somthing called The National Swine Registry. The breeds in the National Swine Registry are Yorkshire, Hampshire, Duroc, and Landrace. The Other group is called Team Purebred and they deal with all the other breeds such as Berkshire, Spot, Poland China, Chester, Tamworth, Hereford, and other miscellaneous breeds. Once you have entered your pigs and paid you are all set.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

pig show order

When I go to these pig shows we show the pigs by breed, sex, age, and weight. For barrows or male pigs without testicles we show them by breed and with in the breed we show them by weight. For gilts or female pigs that have not had any offspring we show them by breed, and age with in the breed with one exception. Crossbred gilts are not shown by age they are shown by weight like the barrows. If we are showing boars or male pigs with testicles then we show them by breed and age with one exception. Crossbreed boars are shown by weight just like the barrows and crossbreed gilts. At most shows they have classes for each breed then the first place pigs out of each class shows for champion of the breed. They pick a champion out of the first place pigs. After that the second place pig out of the class the champion was in comes in the ring so it has a chance at reserve champion breed. We do this for each breed including crossbreeds. Once we pick a champion and reserve for each breed then they all show together for champion overall. Just like breed champions once a breed champion is chosen then the reserve comes in the ring to have a chance. They do this until theirs a top five overall. This is done for barrows, gilts, and boars.

Friday, January 8, 2016

What Is A Show Pig

When most people hear me talk about my show pigs they probably think I'm talking about little tea cup pigs that I dress up and make run around an obstacle coarse like dogs. This assumption is very wrong. Showings are just like regular pigs you see on a farm that gets turned into your bacon and sausage you eat for breakfast everyday. But with a little twist. The twist is that we raise these pigs for the soul purpose of being shown around the United States. What sets show pigs apart from regular commercial pigs is. Many people put a lot of work in to make a show pig look like a show pig and there's a lot more time involved with breeding them. We breed these show pigs to look like the desired show pig look at the time. We do this by breeding one show pig with a certain trait or traits that we desire to another show pig with different traits or the same traits to try and make the perfect show pig that will win on show day. Winning is what its all about.