Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The edge of the earth

Everyone is familiar with the idea of falling right off the edge of the earth. Including pigs, When training pigs how to walk or be shown the pigs are often time scared. They are scared of everything from a small bucket in there path to where the gravel turns to grass. Now why would a pig be sacred of such a harmless things. The answer is simple, its all new to them. Think about it, if I am taking a pig out in to the yard for the very first time they are probably going to see things they have never seen before. This is because they have been in a pen all there life. Often times after the pigs get used to the outdoors and do not act like the grass is then edge of the earth they will take off running as soon as I open the pen. This is because they start to feel comfortable with there soundings. Unlike before when they were being introduced to things for the very first time. It is just like teaching little kids things, they are scared at first and do not want to go out of there comfort zone. however, once they get out of there comfort zone they usually enjoy it just like a pig enjoys being walked.

Friday, April 22, 2016

confinement housing

In the pork industry today confinement housing is very hot topic. Animal rights activists believe that it is inhuman to house swine in confinement. Well I am here to prove them wrong. From an animal welfare point of view the confinement housing is great. Lets looks at what makes confinement housing so great. In confinement pigs are put into a pen with a slatted floor for the waste to be collected. They are provided with all the feed they want, a climate controlled barn, and a clean reliable water source. The only real issue with confinement is that some farmers over crowd pens. over crowding pens is an issue because it leads to injury. Other than that confinement housing great for the swine. Animal rights activist are just hypocrites.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The influence of livestock on kids.

The influence of livestock on children is extremely beneficial. Growing up on a hog farm I have learned so many life lessens. The main thing I've learned was responsibility. On the farm i have had the responsibility of taking care of my own showpigs since a young age. I feed, and walk pigs in the morning and evening, wash or rinse pigs, and clean pens daily. My parents even left me with the responsibility of the whole entire farm for a week while they were in Hawaii. The farm has also taught me valuable lessons with work ethics. When you go to do a job on the farm you do it to your best ability or you are going to have to do it again. I have to work long hours and I know that there is no getting out of it, eventually you just get uses to it. With livestock not doing something is not an option. If you do not take care of the livestock the livestock die.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

krody this is starting to get hard

So it's beginning to be an issue writing a blog about something different every week. I'm just going to tell you more stories. So once apon a time (about a month or two) on a hog farm near by there was a handsome, young, muscular boy working extremely hard to make his show hogs known. It was time to process litters on the farm and the handsome, young, muscular boy asked his beautiful, young girlfriend. The beautiful, young girlfriend agreed to help the handsome, young, muscular boy after a little convincing. the two of them get to the farrowing house and begin getting things ready to process the litters. The beautiful, young girlfriend begins asking question and the handsome, young, muscular boy answers her truthfully because he is a honest young boy. She asks all about pigs and questions everything they are doing while the boy happily answers her, and explains everything. As the two were processing the litters the girl which was holding the pigs began getting blood, poop, pee, and wound spray all over her. The pigs even left bruises all over her. All in all I believe the beautiful, young girlfriend had fun even tho she looked like she had be brutally murdering people for the last hour and a half. The End, they lived happily ever after. Well up to this point at least.